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Quotes from some of my clients

(I’ve changed the names to protect confidentiality)

Anne, aged 61
"Because I have not an ounce of willpower, and although being a lifelong sceptic of hypnotherapy, I decided to try it to overcome my craving for sweet things, especially between meals.
The result after one session was amazing. I could resist all the foods that I previously loved and I even lost a pound in weight in the first few days.
I would certainly recommend the therapy to anyone struggling with weight, or other problems"

Sandra, aged 36
"When I first consulted you three months ago, I saw no way out of the dark place my mind was inhabiting and had no idea how to reduce the acute anxiety I was experiencing.
Gradually session by session you gave me hope & gently encouraged me to look at things in a different way and react to things much more positively.
Now I am like a new person and feel you have given me the tools to lead a much more relaxed, happier and stress free life in the future"

Julia, aged 72
"I would like to erect, on the roundabout on the Grange bypass, a huge banner saying:-
All you who have abandoned hope, turn left for Meathop as a very modern day saviour is near at hand"

Rachael, aged 23

"I feel in control of my emotions and I’ve made a decision to look for a new job.
I did my self hypnosis in Asda and it stopped me having a panic attack."

Ian, aged 42
"I’ve not come close to losing my temper in 2 weeks. Other people and my boss have noticed I’m different. When I start to feel angry, I think about you sitting in that chair and I stop."

Margaret, aged 61
"I’m doing well – I’m protecting my personal space, learning to say ‘no’ and am less judgemental."

Jane, aged 31
"I’ve been to see my G.P. He’s pleased I’m having psychotherapy and is phasing out my anti-depressants over the next 6 weeks."

Diana, aged 25
"I’m feeling much better – eating O.K. and sleeping O.K. I’m not having nightmares any more."

Eric, aged 61
"I’ve not smoked since our last session."

Jackie, aged 31
"I finished the run (26 miles) and beat my time last year. I got a bit of pain, but used it to spur me on. I imagined you were in my rucksack, dangling a gin and tonic in front of my nose."